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  •  a large and stable user base

    What are the three types of brand reputation analysis and monitoring forms? With the increasing popularity of the Internet and品牌口碑优化 of consumer demand, the field of brand word-of-mouth analysis and monitoring services is receiving more and more attention from domestic scholars and related research institutions. In recent years, many excellent brand word-of-mouth analysis and monitoring services have emerged. What are the three main types of brand word-of-mouth monitoring? Let's take a look.

    Brand for word-of-mouth monitoring, brand corporate word-of-mouth problem analysis, brand word-of-mouth optimization,

    Although brand opinion monitoring services are special in form, they can basically be divided into three categories based on information coverage, service delivery methods and service targets: portals dedicated to word-of-mouth search, professional word-of-mouth websites and agencies dedicated to brand word-of-mouth analysis and monitoring services.

    The first category: word-of-mouth search portals

    A typical representative of word-of-mouth search-related services is the "index" service. Relying on its powerful search technology and a large and stable user base, it conducts research and statistical analysis on hundreds of millions of access requests every day, calculates the degree of attention that users can pay to different keywords in the past working time, and discovers the interests and needs of Chinese Internet users. Since the statistical survey data mainly comes from the vast group of Internet users, it provides a data development with its own sufficient persuasive power and reference literature value.

    The second category: specialized word-of-mouth information aggregation enterprise websites

    With the increasing popularity of the Internet, consumers' purchase decision process is gradually changing, relying more and more on word-of-mouth information on the Internet to make decisions. Many word-of-mouth aggregation websites have emerged in response to consumers' shopping needs and are rapidly gaining support from the majority of Internet users. For example, reviews, shopping reviews, etc., by providing consumers with an interactive platform to collect and organize consumer evaluation information, and combine with comparison, rating and recommendation functions. Provide consumers with comprehensive consumer recommendations for life, shopping, etc.

    Category 3: Dedicated to brand reputation analysis and service organization monitoring

    In recent years, as the potential commercial value of public opinion word-of-mouth communication has been confirmed, professional brand opinion word-of-mouth analysis and monitoring service agencies have sprung up.