In addition to dusting, vacuum c...

  • 吸尘器

    In the daily family sanitation, the vacuum machine may be the highest number of use of a household appliance, which dust, crumbs, particles and so on, can be cleaned quickly and efficiently through the vacuum machine, and even some new features of the vacuum machine, even pet hair and other things can be solved, it is very convenient.

    Compared to the broom, the vacuum machine has many advantages, the first it is strong suction, can save a lot of energy to clean the road, followed by it can reach into the nooks and crannies, the usual can not clean the corners are also well cleaned, so many 吸塵機 cleaning, love to apply the vacuum machine.

    However, many people do not know is that, in addition to dust, vacuum machines can actually be used in many places, know these uses, but also for the life of more convenient Oh!

    First, the dust head is flat and wide thick-bottomed vacuum cleaner, can be used to clean the curtains. This type of vacuum cleaner cleaning area is very large, clean up the curtains up very efficient, for dust and other general conditions up to handle up with ease, can significantly reduce the frequency of changing the curtains.

    Second, the computer keyboard gap is intricate and complex, it is easy to accumulate snacks left slag and crumbs, and generate heat and static electricity is also easy to absorb dust, although the gap is not easy to clean, but with a vacuum cleaner is much more convenient, the gap inside can be cleaned.

    Third, vacuum cleaners are not only used for dust removal, but also for air extraction. When using a special vacuum preservation bag, the vacuum cleaner can help to dry out the air in the bag and save storage space by just preserving the quilt itself.

    Fourth, some tiny objects being diamond rings or small earrings and so on, fall into the road or on the ground is easy to find, but after using a vacuum cleaner to carry out a carpet search, most of the items on the ground can be sucked into, used to find small items is much more convenient.

    How, after reading the above several wonderful uses, do you have a new understanding for the vacuum cleaner? The vacuum cleaner is not just a home appliance for cleaning, it is also a good helper in life, as long as you learn to use it, it can help you in more ways than one.