Bad diaper choices. Honey suffer...

  •  otherwise they will cause many problems

    We all know that diapers are convenient and hygienic, but you must choose the 洗衣液s and use them correctly, otherwise they will cause many problems such as red PP. Here are some suggestions from my experience in terms of how to choose and how to use them.



    How to choose diapers

    Now society is basically the majority of diapers on the market can be used to absorb the尿片size using fluffy pulp mixed SAP (polymer absorbent resin), which is currently the most absorbent and commonly used core structure in China, the difference between major brands mainly lies in the technical process through the production, so to choose SAP particles are more evenly distributed between the absorbent, not easy to heap and break. Absorbent resin does not have a basic mental harm to people. Water-absorbent resin is a development of new management function research polymer composite materials, in which the highly absorbent polymer network has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-irritating to the human body, no side effects, non-coagulation. In recent years, water-absorbent resin has been widely studied and applied in medicine, health and other fields, such as sanitary napkins, baby diapers, napkins, medical ice bags, etc. In a word to sum up the problem is: the composition is very important safety ~

    So, how should I choose it? I would like to summarize the following points


    Diaper market for a long time and infant private contact, its safety is of paramount importance. The current national standard in China requires that diapers should be purchased clean, no color loss, leak-proof bottom film intact, no hard lumpy quality, no breakage. In addition to the colony for indicators have requirements, the migration of fluffy pulp through the fluorescent matter heavy metal element content, and highly absorbent material resin has residual analysis monomer (acrylic acid) and PH value also have relevant provisions.




    The absorbency of baby diapers is reflected by three indicators: slip, back leakage, leakage. Slip volume is the volume of liquid flowing through the surface layer of the diaper that is not absorbed, and the national standard requires slip volume ≤ 20ml; back leakage is the quality of solution that the diaper absorbs certain liquid and returns to the surface layer under certain pressure. The national standard requires the amount of infiltration ≤ 10g; leakage is the quality of solution that the diaper absorbs a certain amount of liquid and passes through the anti-leakage bottom membrane under a certain pressure. The national standard requires leakage ≤ 0.5g... It is not enough to meet the requirements of the national standard. Usually the slip leakage value of regular diaper products on the market is small, and the difference between products is mainly reflected in the back leakage. Small back leakage is a reflection of the comprehensive design level and process control ability. Effective control of back leakage tests the R&D ability of a diaper brand.