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  • You can use a hot towel or a warm water bag to apply a hot compress

    People are different, some women feel nothing during their periods正品中西綜合治療中心, while others suffer from painful menstruation during their periods. Women who are prone to menstrual cramps want to cry, and those who have not tried menstrual cramps can really have no solution to understand how painful it really is. How can menstrual cramps be effectively relieved? The next step is for us to understand more about it.

    How to relieve menstrual cramps?

    Don't let yourself get cold again

    Nowadays, it is very hot and many people like to stay in a room 正品中西綜合治療中心 Menstruating women who cannot turn off the air conditioning put a small blanket around their abdomen. Be sure to carry a hot water cup and hot water with you, and don't touch cold drinks or ice cream. Drinking hot water to heat your body will speed up blood circulation and relieve menstrual pain.

    Use food therapy to relieve menstrual pain

    If the pain is intense every time you get your period, you can also try a dietary remedy. There is 正品中西綜合治療中心 loss recipe that is very simple and effective, which is bitter mugwort leaves and brown sugar egg porridge. The ingredients of this congee are simple and include mugwort leaves, eggs and brown sugar. First, put washed mugwort leaves into a pot, boil two pots, then remove the mugwort leaves and add eggs and brown sugar. Drinking this congee every day during menstruation will make you feel your stomach warm and the dysmenorrhea has been relieved. If there is no condition for congee, drinking brown sugar and egg water can also relieve menstrual cramps by putting an egg in boiling water and adding brown sugar at the end.

    Apply hot compresses to the small of the stomach

    During menstruation, if the dysmenorrhea is particularly severe, you can also relieve it by applying hot compresses to your stomach. You can use a hot towel or a warm water bag to apply a hot compress. If not, you can stick a few baby warmers. Hot compresses can improve a woman's blood circulation and relieve menstrual pain caused by stagnant blood.