Is it necessary to buy an air pu...

  • The history of air purifiers can be traced google pay online shopping back to the early 19th century, in the last three or five years, air purifiers have become one of the household appliances that many people must buy for their new houses, but at the same time there are people who gradually ask the question back, now that the hazy weather is reduced, do we still have to buy air purifiers?

    Must! When you have the following conditions Nepia around you or yourself, then the air purifier for you, is a daily life supplies.

    -Some people in your home often smoke, orair purifier for cat allergies belong to a big city with serious haze weather and poor air quality
    -People who have pets at home, often have pet hair odor caused by heavy, must be deodorized
    -The group who is very easy to have sensitive nose, must consider bee pollen, floating dust and other allergens
    -Pregnant mothers or homes with small children must care for the health of pregnant mothers and babies environment
    -New house just after renovation, must continue to remove formaldehyde, xylene and other harmful substances
    If you belong to one of the five situations above, the question arises, how to choose a gas purifier? Familiar with the 3 important, spend less money on confusion!

    1, air inlet design program
    Air purifier inlet design scheme endangers the actual effect of purification treatment, most of the air purifier inlet design scheme on the market is the outlet upward, like the popular well-known brand Xiaomi Mijia, Shule's, etc. are all upward vents, blowing out around the wind, you can do 360 ° whole house purification treatment at home.
    However, if it is more sensitive people groups and cats at home, it is proposed to choose the side of the air design program. The side air outlet can ensure that it is not easy to blow the atmospheric aerosols carrying bacteria and viruses around into every corner of the home. The side air inlet design scheme will make the germs sink down and consider the purification process, absorbing the air pollutants to the maximum extent possible and releasing the air. For example, 352 air purifier, b-mola air purifier.