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  • We all know that when buying wireless rapid 3d prototyping bluetooth headset, the actual effect of the tone of the cell phone headset is the top priority, whether it is bluetooth headset factory, agents or customers, all care about wireless bluetooth headset sound quality, when it comes to bluetooth headset sound quality, we have to say that the role of cell phone bluetooth headset noise reduction, I think you all have stopped many professional terms, which CVC, DSP and other noise reduction role, confused, the more you listen to the more confused Today, the Bluetooth headset factory on a simple interpretation of the cell phone Bluetooth headset noise reduction role, to help people buy wireless Bluetooth headset.

    Bluetooth headset factory
    A, ANC noise reduction (ActiveNoiseControl, bitmain l7 noise reduction)
    Its basic working principle is that the microphone collects the external natural environmental noise, and then the system software is converted into a reverse acoustic frequency added to the audio speaker end, and finally the human ear can hear the sound effect is: natural environmental noise + reverse direction of the natural environmental noise, two kinds of noise accumulation and then complete the perception of noise reduction, which benefits people is your own.

    Second, ENC (EnvironmentalNoisenoise cancelling earbuds and earphones Cancellation, natural environmental noise reduction technology)
    This is also efficient to suppress 90% of the opposite direction of the noise, thus reducing the noise up to 35dB or more, so that players can be more casual video voice communication. According to the dual microphone array, accurate measurement of the direction of voice caller speech, in maintaining the main direction of the overall target video voice at the same time, remove the natural environment of a variety of influential noise, is the other side of the voice call benefit.

    Third, DSP (digitalsignalprocessing)
    This is also mainly for high and low frequency noise. The principle is that the microphone collects the environmental factors noise, and then the system software copies a sound wave frequency in the same direction as the external natural environment noise, the noise will be offset, and then achieve better acoustic noise reduction actual effect. However, DSP noise reduction immediately offset the noise in the internal structure of the operating system, and the benefit is you yourself.

    Fourth, CVC (ClearVoiceCapture)
    This is also the call software noise reduction technology. Mainly for voice calls in the whole process of the formation of echo, according to the full duplex microphone noise cancellation cell phone software, to give voice calls echo and natural environmental noise removal role, is the most modern cell phone Bluetooth voice call cell phone headset in the sound insulation noise reduction technology, naturally this benefit will be the cell phone end of her.