some women hairy and some clean?...

  • 女性脱毛

    In life, there are many girls who have a lot of body hair, but there are also some girls who have thin hair; some girls have yellow hair and hair loss, while others are bright and lustrous.

    This makes people curious, why some women areLaser Pro 激光脫毛 are very clean? Secondly, often shave hair has no effect on people, especially the private hair, can be shaved off?

    One, women hairy, mostly these two reasons

    Among the prejudices of many people, hairy as if it is the standard for boys, in fact, it is not, only that boys are not too fond of shaving their hair. In fact, there are many girls whose hair is very abundant.

    So why are some girls so full of hair? The medical field currently has these kinds of reasoning.

    First, genetic inheritance causes it. As we all know, we can grow what kind, how high, genetic inheritance dedicates a large part of the credit, and hair more hair less is also genetically determined, some parents are more abundant hair, then the child born hair also has a great chance to be "hairy children".

    Secondly, women's bodies secrete too much male hormone. Androgens can stimulate the growth of body hair, so women with too much androgen will constantly have more hair.

    Genes cannot be changed, but androgens can be changed. There are studies that show that women who stay up late, eat irregularly, and apply bad cosmetics may cause too much secretion of male hormones, and then start to have more hair, so women, do you understand?

    Third, the disease. Some diseases can also cause a woman's hair to keep growing abundantly, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, but these diseases cause the principle of more hair, or affect the endocrine so that excessive secretion of male hormones caused.

    Second, hair can really often shave? It will not have an effect, right?

    With the advent of summer, many beautiful girls began to wear super short skirts and small suspenders on the street, but they all have a similar doubt, that is, their hair is too long, do not shave looks ugly, shave and afraid of hair more and more coarse, afraid of their own illness ......

    The first thing to explain is the principle of the thicker the hair is shaved. Our hair is made up of hair and hair follicles, generally speaking, hair is shown on the far side of the fine, proximal coarse appearance, and our usual method of hair removal is relatively single, either scraping, or hair removal cream, do so can only remove the surface layer of the fine part of the hair.

    The hair buried under the skin follicle with the hair can not be removed, so when it grows out again, you will feel how it is so thick, due to its thick end grows out.

    Therefore, the hair will not get thicker as you shave, it's just a visual effect.

    Secondly shaving will not make you sick. Some girls had raised the question whether they would get cancer by always shaving their armpit hair.

    This is because some people have been talking about this situation, they said that the armpit is the main area of detoxification, sweat hair can make the sweat mixed with toxins to discharge, if we shave them, then the toxins in the lymph can not be discharged, and finally these toxins will accumulate in the upper part of the chest, and finally evolve into breast cancer.

    I have to say that this is a made-up theory. Lymph and sweat glands are not related, sweating is not detoxification, sweat is rich in salts and water, there is no detoxification function, in a long time ago to avoid the rumor that "sweat, no beauty effect", so sweat hair detoxification is nonsense.

    The key to lymphatic detoxification or by the endocrine cycle of detoxification, and sweat glands can not be related, and shaved sweat hair and sweat glands have what relationship? The shaving of armpit hair is not the same as removing sweat glands. The girls who love beauty should not be deceived by some theories that are reasonable on the surface but absurd and bizarre in reality.

    This said, some girls began to produce a shy idea, namely sweat hair can be shaved,Laser Pro 激光脫毛 there whether it can also be shaved? After all, the hair is too long to wear than jiini.

    Third, the private hair can be shaved?

    The pubic hair in the eyes of many people are very ugly exist, it grows both wild and fast, the summer side of a sweat, the hair will cover the vagina stink, if coupled with the violation of the moon jing, then it is simply a high incidence area.

    The actual fact is that a lot of girls will choose to "vacuum" the hair there also to shave off, no hair a light, they began to worry about no hair will not have bad things happen.

    Here to give you a little science.

    The female pubic hair has three main roles. The first is the efficacy of heat exhaustion, the female pubic originally developed sweat glands, plus wear more, so the temperature here will be higher, and more hair can be a comprehensive heat exhaustion, so that girls are not so upset.

    Secondly, to resist the invasion of bacteria, Laser Pro 好唔好 area is more sensitive, the urethra is small, so many urethral disease more in women, such as urethritis, cystitis, etc., the appearance of pubic hair can avoid dirt into the urethra and vagina, is a good assistant.

    The vaginal hair is very important, but it is not impossible to shave, it depends on your personal preferences, after all, your own hair is your own decision.