Is it necessary to buy children'...

  • when they are accidentally bitten

    Most people think that the attitude towards social insurance will come to a火險 from having children to study, becoming from rejecting insurance to focusing on how to allocate insurance to children. But there are a small number of people think that the child's insurance can be bought without, in fact, is the child's insurance company or a very necessary to buy, the main problem is because through the following 4 reasons.

    The child's resistance is poor

    Children's body resistance mechanism is still immature, easily cause a variety of 旅遊保險, such as: colds, fever, bronchitis, cough, hand, foot and mouth disease.

    Children have more accidents than adults

    They are curious about the world and are eager to learn all kinds of new things, especially when they just learn to walk, when they are accidentally bitten by cats and dogs while playing with pets, and when other accidents happen.

    Children's serious illnesses should not be ignored

    According to statistics, 60,000-70,000 people suffer from malignant circulating tumors in our enterprises every year, and the People's Economic Daily reports that more than 200,000, working more than 540 children can die every year due to accidental injuries every day. Accidents and critical illnesses have developed into the first and second biggest threat to children carrying out life in China.

    Low premiums, high chance of coverage

    The younger the age, the cheaper and more cost effective the insurance premiums, which is the best time to get insurance. An insurance policy not only protects children, but also helps children build an awareness of risk planning from an early age and develop a sense of responsibility for their families.

    How should children's insurance be configured? You can remember this basic combination: children's health insurance, medical insurance, accident insurance, and major medical insurance.

    The first children's medical insurance people call our country's wool, a few hundred dollars a year can not only improve the reimbursement management of the child's own birth to the cost of medical services after discharge, common minor ailments can also be reimbursed a large part.

    The second medical insurance, this can supplement some children's Chinese medical insurance can not report that important part of this business shopping for work points must be clearly remembered, to see its deductible, that is, we do not reimburse themselves part of the deductible, the lower the better;.

    The third type of accident insurance, mainly to protect children from daily collisions, falls and fractures, naughty children at home know that this is essential for babies ;

    A fourth type of serious illness insurance pays a large sum of money upon diagnosis and, in addition to medical treatment, can cover the loss of income from work. The main points to note when buying this kind of insurance: the more types of diseases that can be covered, the better, focusing on high morbidity, small morbidity is not worth the extra money we spend.

    The last thing you need to be reminded of is that buying insurance first depends on the terms and conditions and then on the company. Many people have a misconception when buying insurance that a well-known insurance company they have heard of will be more secure.

    In fact, the essential issue of insurance is the business policyholder and social insurance limited company by signing a relevant legal service contract, what to insure, what not to insure, how to pay, these have been expressly agreed in the terms of the contract, and there is a law to follow. Whether a claim can be settled after an accident depends on whether the accident is in accordance with the terms of the contract, and has nothing to do with the size and popularity of the insurance company. There will not be more claims because the company is well-known in the Chinese insurance industry, nor will there be no claims because the company of our insurance products is not well-known; everything depends on the terms and conditions of the policy contract.

    Therefore, when choosing our products, we must first look at the terms and conditions to ensure that the content meets our needs, and then choose according to our needs and the preferences of the insurance company.