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    Fever is a common symptom in the development of many clinical conditions. 體溫計推薦 temperature usually remains between 36.2 °C and 37.2 °C (oral temperature). Generally, a fever occurs when the body temperature exceeds 37.5 °C (oral temperature), and a fever occurs when the body temperature exceeds 41 °C. It is also very important for the first doctor consulted to have knowledge of fever care for patients in home care when a fever is present.

    At the beginning of the fever, patients may have symptoms such as cold, pale skin and falling body temperature, 額溫槍比較 to take antipyretic measures, but pay attention to keeping warm. When the patient's body temperature rises rapidly after a cold, brain cell damage such as convulsions and convulsions may occur if antipyretic measures are not taken, and發燒處理 are mainly as follows

    Physical cooling

    Cold compress on the head: dip the towel in ice water or cold water, wring it until half dry (to the degree of not dripping water) on the forehead, 3-5 minutes to change once; or ice bag (specific teaching method: take out an ice cube from the refrigerator can be put into cold water, wash away the corners and put into a hot water bag or use other special application ice bag, even water with ice to pack 1/2-2/3 bag, discharge to reduce air, cover tightly cover mouth can be) on the Forehead, top of the head or the body surface of the large blood vessels, such as the neck, axilla, groin, etc., 30 minutes after use to measure the patient's body temperature, when the body temperature impact down to 39 ℃, take off the ice bag. Pay attention to the precordial area, abdomen and soles of the feet and other parts of the body as well as contraindicated the use of cold compresses, so as to avoid problems caused by neuroreflexive heart rate significantly slowed down or heart rhythm recovery disorders, diarrhea and other adverse behavioral reactions.

    Bathing method: repeatedly wipe the forehead, neck, armpits, elbow fossa, groin and other parts of the body surface where large blood vessels are dense with a warm towel or 25-30% alcohol, or a full body bath. After wiping until the skin rinses, promptly dry the water with a dry towel, place a hot water bag in the center of the foot while cooling, remove the hot water bag after wiping the bath, put an ice pack on the head, and take the temperature after 30 minutes, if it is lower than 39 ℃. Similarly, do not wipe the chest, abdomen, feet heart area to avoid adverse reactions. Bleeding tendency (such as rashes, subcutaneous bleeding spots, skin injuries, leukemia, etc., do not allow alcohol and warm water wiped into the bath)