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    Collective transport: as the name suggests is that you mail multiple parcels to the China International Logistics Express Collective Transport日本集運香港 warehouse, and then the Collective Transport Company for you to express parcels we packaged together, the process of mailing to overseas can be called an international economic express collectivization

    Transshipment refers to the transfer or reloading of goods from the port of shipment (location) to the port of discharge or destination, including the act of transferring from one means of transport or vessel to another of the same type of transport. Simply put, transshipment is the transfer of goods from foreign countries to China


    Consolidation is the domestic transport of goods to foreign countries. In general, individual freight needs are more sporadic. In the past only postal, but now many companies carry out freight services. It is often said that transshipment and cargo collection.

    The highlight is centralized shipping, rather than individually scattered shipments. In fact, transshipment and container transport provide similar services, only in different directions. Different companies offer different services and prices.

    Forwarding because it is mainly done for personal development business, for corporate customers can provide learning more services, services are also divided into more fine!

    Here I will teach you how to identify a good freight company: we must remember not to judge the quality of a company just from the price, many freight companies do not rely on low prices to attract the attention of customers. After the mail is sent, you will receive a bunch of value-added fees.


    First of all know the customer service of this shipping company, the customer service person is closest to the customer and her attitude depends on the reliability of the company's after-sales service;

    The perfect service system can look at every line of this American forwarding company, every customs clearance channel. More professional freight forwarders generally have better lines and warehouse planning, and companies with strong customs clearance channels clear customs faster and can collect more different kinds of products.


    The free value-added management services enterprises to have always can not a technical service for a fee once, which no one can accept, so for the acceptance, sub-boxes, combined boxes, photos, inventory, reinforcement, storage and other such information value-added product services should have to have.

    In fact, as long as many freight forwarders route the same price difference is not too big, if you choose to ship to different countries, different channels (air, sea, land) will bring different time and price. Also because you choose different strengths, different receiving business, and different restrictions on the shipment of goods.

    So let's have a goal and find a shipping company so we can find a suitable and reliable one!