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  • 网页设计

    Nowadays, people only care about the website design company to design a good-looking website. Other implicit aspects of the factors that customers do not know.

    1. Whether the site to promote: If your website only need to "business card" role, do a good job to see it, ask when to send each other a connection can be. Then if you want to consider the site has a promotional role, how to let users automatically enter your site will take precedence over the site's own content. We can improve visibility through online promotion. The next step is to think about Baidu bidding and ranking optimization (seo), other comprehensive promotion role. Which one should be used, or together? Are there any other methods of promotion? That is, a website to how?

    2. technology selection: the site is a new technology convergence area, the site using a cheap template site or high-end custom site? Is the choice of HTML5 technology an inevitable trend? Does the mobile version of the website have a key role? To simply show the role of the official website or have a higher-end online ordering role? This is the second step that should be concerned, what technology should be chosen for a website?

    3. Interactive experience design: After planning out the website content, you must find 網頁設計價錢 make the website section with UE ideas, otherwise it is not a good website to use. Consider: Is a website good to use?

    4. Website design style: the fourth place only involves design issues, such as what tone, the need for flat style and so on. Don't be too subjective in your assessment of the criteria, the so-called: "you do in accordance with so-and-so website" and so on, because you do not take into account their own brand image, no brand effect. Because people's websites adapt to the style of their brand. Only to: a website to do?

    5. price: if the above two steps are not in place, and then a cheap website is not a bargain, unless you do a website simply to get high. Only then consider: a website really cheap, but really useful?