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    Nowadays it is too difficult to eat a breakfast! Normal people drink some porridge to eat some buns, and then with a small dish of pickles on the line, but since we began to focus on health after this can not eat, that can not eat, but also have their own reasoning, heard eventually really do not know what to eat. Today to talk to everyone well, eat breakfast of those things, see perhaps not tangled.

    Breakfast porridge is really not nutritious? It may be that you will not eat

    First of all, the porridge cooked with simple rice is indeed particularly less nutritious, there is a fatal disadvantage is the rapid rise in sugar, which is not recommended to eat the reason, the elderly should not eat more, children should not eat more.

    However, the Chinese are very good at making food, and it is easy to make a nutritious congee, as long as you change the food and add some food, you can make the congee more delicious and nutritious.

    For example, the skin egg thin meat porridge, purple potato yam porridge, red beans and black rice porridge, walnuts and sesame porridge, these porridge ingredients are easy to obtain, there is no difficulty to do, long-term eating is conducive to replenish blood and Qi, kidneys and essence.

    Another example is the seafood porridge, fresh shrimp and vegetable porridge, slightly more difficult to do may have a fishy smell, but there 全脂牛奶推薦 ways to eliminate, eaten especially delicious.

    We can also do porridge according to personal constitution, to children and the elderly to add some grains to prevent constipation, to work people add some vegetables and soy to protect vision.

    Therefore, it is not eating porridge without nutrition, but some people are too lazy, unwilling to get their hands dirty, unwilling to pay attention, only want to do the most simple white rice porridge, then it is hard to blame the rice porridge.

    Is it necessarily right to drink milk for breakfast?

    One netizen said his family has a total of seven people, two lactose intolerant, one allergic to milk, and an elderly phlegm and dampness is not suitable for drinking milk, leaving only three people can drink milk. At first, the netizens forced three people to drink a bag of milk for breakfast every day, sometimes drinking a morning are difficult, and then they were relieved that some people are born unsuitable for drinking milk, so why force to drink it? Other foods can be supplemented with calcium and protein as usual.

    I think this netizen has a point, although cow's milk, but there will always be some people are not suitable for it, such as allergies (a drink on the rash), lactose intolerant (a drink on the leaping thin), then this case do not force themselves.

    Is it true that Chinese medicine says cow's milk is cold? Let's see what doctors say?

    What exactly are the characteristics of cow's milk in Chinese medicine? The "Thousands of gold to formula for the elderly food therapy": "cow's milk is warm, replenish the blood, benefit the heart, long muscles". The "Classic of the Materia Medica" says: "Cow's milk is made from the blood of the cow, its taste is pungent, its gas is cold and non-toxic. There is also the "Zhangshi Ben Cao" v. cold nature of cow's milk, and the "New Compilation of Materia Medica" v. less cold nature of cow's milk.

    Medical books are also written 簡單減肥餐單, each person has a different point of view on milk, so there are many kinds of expressions such as flat, raw cold, cold, less cold.

    Some people may ask, why is it that every time you drink cow's milk, your tongue will turn white and yellow? The original role of cow's milk is to moisten the calf, promote hair growth, strengthen the bones and tendons, and have a certain role in clearing heat and nourishing the heart, but some people have a deficiency of Yang Qi in their bodies, even if the milk is "less cold", he is not enough to convert, so after drinking it will feel uncomfortable in the stomach.

    However, there is no denying the health benefits of cow's milk, it has a certain nourishing and tonic effect on the skin, hair, blood, gastrointestinal, if you drink it without discomfort, proposed long-term drinking, a cup a day is very good. And those who are "uncomfortable" with cow's milk, do not drink it.

    If you look at the calcium capacity of milk, then you can use soybeans, lean meat, vegetables and other salads to eat, if you just to fill 抹茶拿鐵, to drink soy milk, drink corn juice, pumpkin juice, etc., to help nourish the stomach. In short, breakfast can not just respond, a bowl of porridge plus a plate of small dishes is the "standard", the rice porridge to do a rich point, with eggs, meat, vegetables, cereals, etc., so the "top" to meet 30% of the energy supply, but also more beneficial to health.

    Many people usually eat without considering nutrition-related issues, as long as it tastes good on the line, can fill the stomach on the line, if the usual work and study is more complicated, must pay attention to this situation before it is too late, for the body to take in sufficient energy, in order to become increasingly healthy.