Pay attention to these 3 aspects...

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    Choosing the right diapers can make your baby suffer less. Before applying diapers to your baby, the main step is to choose a diaper, because diapers can be seen as a kind of intimate clothing for your baby, and they follow your baby around 24 hours. Thus, if the diapers are not selected properly, it may bring harm to the baby.

    First of all, the material of the diaper is important.

    Generally, we should choose the material that is suitable for the baby's skin, for example, cotton is the most suitable material. Cotton cloth is breathable and less irritating to the baby.

    Second, look at the diaper thickness

    Some babies have red buttocks after wearing diapers, actually because diapers are generally thicker. In order to ensure that it is absorbent, most diapers are thick and not breathable, causing the baby's bottom to become red. Now when picking diapers, you must avoid this situation and try to pick thinner but absorbent diapers to prevent your baby's bottom from getting red.

    Third, pay attention to cleanliness

    Cleanliness is also a key provision for objects that babies need to use throughout the day. Some parents love to follow the old generation's concept of using some old, discarded sheets or clothes as diapers. This is actually not impossible, but care must be taken to sterilize and disinfect. If the old bed sheets are not carefully cleaned and disinfected, it is likely that other germs will remain. If used as a baby's diaper, the baby is likely to get infected with bacteria and get sick.

    What to look for in a diaper

    If you choose diapers, the next step is the application of diapers. First of all, before changing diapers, you must prepare well in advance. Since the diaper change is usually done when the baby has already wet the diaper, do not rush to take it off. Be sure to prepare a clean diaper, a clean towel, 嬰兒尿布疹 of warm water, etc. At the same time, the mother's hands must not be too cold, otherwise, especially in winter, the baby is very likely to freeze. Secondly, it is also important to pick the location when changing the baby's diapers. You can't change in the vent, because diaper changing must take a long time, especially for new parents. If the baby is exposed to the vent for too long, it is easy to catch a cold. Also try not to put your baby in front of the bed to change diapers, as it is very likely that your baby will roll under the bed as soon as he or she flips over. Ultimately, for babies who are just a few months old, their bones are fragile. Be sure to control your strength and move gently when changing diapers.

    It is often reported in the news that some babies are just a few months old, only to find that their hips fall off later in life. This is actually the result of improper diaper use. To use diapers well, you must know these precautions.

    Generally speaking, the application of diapers is a little more complicated than diapers, and also very troublesome, as they should be cleaned up in time after use. So but when using diapers, there are some misconceptions that are easy to step into. Here, new mothers remind us.

    1. Diapers are too tight and extremely harmful.

    When applying diapers to babies, some mothers worry that if the diapers are too loose, it is easy to leak, so they like to wrap the diapers very tightly. However, although this can effectively prevent leakage, it can be harmful to your baby's health. Because the diaper package is too tight, it will affect the baby's leg activities, and also rub the root of the baby's thighs, leading to scratches and infections.

    2. Different genders and methods

    For girls and boys, there are some differences when it comes to changing diapers. When changing diapers for girls, the reverse side must be thickened, while when changing diapers for boys, it is the opposite, the front side must be thickened, which can avoid wetting clothes with urine. At the same time, if the baby diapers, you must clean the baby and wipe the bottom before you can change to a new diaper, otherwise the baby's bottom will easily breed bacteria.