About the key core technology ne...

  • The said cloud computing is a collection Cloud HRMS of many cloud computing servers, and according to the cell phone software to complete the automated technology management method to complete the rapid take of network resources. Cloud computing is a shared resource pool, by distributed storage, virtualization technology and many other diverse electronic information technology mix and support point. What are the key technologies behind to cloud computing?

    The essence of cloud computing is distributed metal prototype storage. Distributed storage is an electronic information science, which scientific research how to a very great mathematical calculation to solve the problem into many small parts, and then divide this part to many electronic computers to carry out the solution, and finally the value of this comprehensive down to obtain the final conclusion.

    In order to ensure high reliability, scalability and staycation rationality, cloud computing storage data using the method of distributed systems, and the choice of redundant storage methods to ensure high reliability of stored data, that is, the same data stored in several groups or choose multiple backup data method, the use of parallel processing approach to provide services to many customers, cloud computing data storage technology also has the characteristics of high transmission rate and high throughput rate The cloud computing data storage technology also has high transfer rate and high throughput characteristics.

    Virtualization technology breaks through the boundaries of time and space, which is a more obvious characteristic of cloud computing, and virtualization technology contains two kinds of virtualization and network resources. As we all know, the physics service platform and the use of the deployment of the natural environment in space is not related, it happens to be based on the virtual platform for the actual operation of the corresponding terminal equipment to backup data, transfer and expansion, etc..

    The network resource data information on the cloud platform is very huge, and at the same time the network resource information is updated faster, to be accurate and reliable dynamic information must be important way to ensure the convenience of data. And the cloud platform can carry out reasonable deployment for dynamic information, and at the same time both network resource control role, which helps to carry out management methods for the load and use of natural resources. Secondly, network resource control as the "blood night" for optimal resource allocation plays a key role in the overall system performance, once the server resources are not properly supervised, the information content lacks stability like other subsystems introduced incorrect data, which must lead to adverse impact on the distribution of hardware resources. Therefore, it is imperative to implement network resource control work.