3D printing technology technology of the "third ...

  • 3D printing has led to the availability of 3d molding these copiers in some electronic equipment stores and factories are marketing them at the same time. Experts say that the use of 3D copiers is still very limited, but someday in the future we will be able to print out better objects based on 3D copiers.

    Engineering project manufacturing. In mobile mine the engineering professional manufacturing level, on the one hand is used in the national defense industry, aerospace and other high-end manufacturing of key components manufacturing, such components manufacturing high provisions, traditional crafts usually can not do or even do but the cost is too high; on the other hand is used in engineering projects manufacturing small batch or bulk commodity manufacturing.
    Civilian development trend. At the level of the civil development trend, the deep transformation of the manufacturing process technology and the reduction of human capital costs are generated.

    Medical treatment level. At the same time, mtr hk 3D printing process in the medical equipment level also has obvious results, can be used to print out prosthetic limbs, to help a large number of people who have lost their legs due to accidents to stand up again, and ordinary people like daily life. "The 3D printed cardiovascular device is another example of how 3D printing technology can be used to replicate human organs. The 3D printed cardiovascular can be used as a clump of heart anatomy, which is useful for training complicated heart surgery. At the same time it is also possible to print "kidney functional human organs", but at this stage this technicality is not yet mature.

    Construction industry. In the construction industry also examination results are significant, 3D printing out of the potential for much more than the production of manufacturing DIY furniture objects so simple. In fact, this technicality can even completely change the traditional construction industry. Compared with the traditional type of construction industry, 3D printing out of engineering construction not only decorative building materials quality reliable, but also can save building decoration materials 30%-60%, reduce the construction period 50%-70%, reduce manpower 50%-80% ...... based on calculations, print out at least can make the construction project cost reduced by more than 50%, so that the more people live The more people can afford to live in the house. However, the new "printing ink" printing out of engineering buildings, its bending stiffness, compressive strength and durability and other comprehensive energy to be further certified.