Families are shopping; have you ...

  • The emergence of smart homes has allowed us to appreciate the allure that technology has to offer. And some clever items have not only arrived one after the other, but they have also revolutionized our life. Take, for example, the extremely popular vacuum cleaner, whose arrival allows us to wave goodbye portable vacuum cleaner factory to the old broom difficult to clean problem; it can easily manage pet hair, corner trash, and carpet dust! However, many individuals have gotten overwhelmed by the variety of vacuum cleaners available. Let's have a look at how vacuum cleaners should be chosen in this post!

    Power rating and suction power

    When it comes to vacuum cleaners, I feel that many couples are confused about the difference between the intake power and the rated power. In fact, the two are clearly differentiated, with the rated power referring to the hourly power consumption during working hours, and the inhalation power rechargeable vacuum cleaner factory indicating the power of the vacuum cleaner when the air volume and vacuum are at their maximum, which is the vacuum cleaner's basic performance, vacuum efficiency. As a result, while selecting a vacuum cleaner, consider the inhaling power as well as the rated power; the higher the figure, the greater the vacuum cleaner's efficiency.

    Micro-dust cyclone separation technique

    Vacuum cleaners, like cars, will degrade in performance over time, and now equipped with cyclone separation micro-dust technology vacuum cleaner, but effectively avoid this problem, can make the vacuum cleaner to maintain the surging power, it is recommended that the user in the choice of wireless vacuum cleaner factory equipped with cyclone separation micro-dust technology vacuum cleaner.


    Furthermore, the vacuum cleaner battery range is the same half of the machine out of power, the vacuum cleaner batteries on the market are roughly divided into nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium battery power supply, the service life of different battery types also vary. For the time being, many brands' primary option is lithium batteries.

    Brush bristles

    Finally, the number of vacuum cleaner heads is a crucial consideration. Is the electric bed brush, sofa brush, two-in-one flat suction, suction top brush, soft bristle brush...... these suction heads cannot be overlooked, especially the electric bed suction, replacement can accomplish the mite cleaning function, which is still very significant for the user!