How many people have been fooled...

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    Previously carried out about pure natural skin care we have not written. But yesterday in the comments section天然維他命b雜 partner let recommend the use of natural skin care brands, then through the following can be recommended pure dew products skin care.

    Today I want to talk to you about natural skin care products, and pure dew is not natural skin care products, what is the impact on the skin?

    First, what is pure dew?

    Pure dew is actually a concept in aromatherapy. When essential oils are extracted through distillation, the final extract is divided into an upper layer of essential oils and a lower layer of water byproduct. At first this by-product was actually thrown away as waste, but later a new commercial use was found for what is now known as pure dew water.

    It is well known that with the high purity of essential oils comes a high price. A few milliliters of essential oil costs several hundred dollars. Compared to essential oils, pure lotion is much cheaper. This is because the pure exposure stage contains only trace amounts of essential oils and the water soluble ingredients used for essential oils. But it is because pure dew is cheap, the wind of pure dew seems to be bigger than the wind of essential oils in天然護膚品, the efficacy is blown to be omnipotent.


    Second, pure dew is really a natural plant skin care products?

    As Miya said before.

    At present, there is no clear definition of pure natural skin care products, and there is no real pure natural products from the production and manufacturing process to separate. As for pure dew, not knowing the composition table, only *** pure dew or ** water, it is believed that pure dew does not contain preservatives or fragrances and is a natural skin care product.

    However, anyone who has studied chemistry in junior high school knows that distillation and extraction are chemical processes in themselves, and the main components of pure dew include two categories: organic acids and aromatic molecules. Floral water or flower extract is actually a "combination" of plant extracts. A simple understanding is that plant extracts are a general term for "chemicals".

    So don't be fooled by the phrase "all natural, no chemicals".

    Third, is there any difference in the effectiveness of pure lotion?

    When it comes to pure lotions, I think of the "sandwich" skin care products that were popular years ago, and perhaps since then, pure lotions have been burning. Here we talk about the common pure lotions and their promotional effects.

    Rose lotion: moisturizing, antibacterial, antioxidant;

    Orange blossom pure lotion: oil control and astringency, eliminates acne and pimple marks.

    Lavender Dew: oil control acne;

    Chamomile Dew: soothing, calming, allergy relief.

    witch hazel pure lotion: oil control, astringent, moisturizing.

    Look at these products alone efficacy and then compare the price of a large bottle of pure lotion only a couple of hundred is not very exciting? Here we look at our different efficacy and whether it is true and credible.